Eveleth-Gilbert Senior High Bulletin

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 2018!!

ALL STUDENTS: The Graduation Commencement is Thursday, May 31st at 7:00 pm in the High School Gym.

ALL STUDENTS: Enjoy your summer break!

SENIORS: Remember to have your CEP and/or College Course Transcripts sent to your future college or university. Check your school email for instructions or see Mr. Pillsbury.

MEDIA CENTER: Will be closed starting Friday, May 25 until the end of the year. Students may still bring in books or use the drop off box.

ALL STUDENTS: Summer school will be held Monday-Friday, June 4-29 from 7:30-1:30. Mr. Pillsbury will be contacting those students and parents who should attend.

ALL STUDENTS: There will be a "Meet Up and Chow Down" at the Eveleth Public Library starting June 4 (closed July 2nd-July 5th) through August 30th, Monday through Thursday. You can meet up with friends and enjoy a free meal from 12-1 (first come-first served).

iPAD COLLECTION: 9th grade will turn them into Ms. Krebs periods 5, 6, and 7, Tuesday, May 29th. 10th grade will turn them into Mrs. Boe period 3 and Mrs. Walls periods 4 and 6, Wednesday, May 30th. 11th grade will turn them into Mr. Burritt periods 4 and 6, Thursday, May 31st. If you can't make those times, you may turn them into Mr. Ness before or after school. The iPads will not be wiped/reset because you will get the same iPad back next year. Lockscreen passcodes will be cleared though. You will keep your charging cables and blocks for next year. Remember you are responsible for them. Also, please check your email for a Google form sent from Mr. Ness.

SENIORS: Remember seniors, all text books, library books, and iPads/chargers must be turned in and fees and fines including lunch balances must be paid before graduation.

RANGE DRIVERS TRAINING: The Range Drivers Training June session is June 18-22 and 25-29 at the Eveleth-Gilbert High School in room 237 from 9-noon. Use door 4. Call 218-749-8926 for more information.

RANGE DRIVERS TRAINING: The Range Drivers Training August session is August 6-10 and 13-17 at the Eveleth-Gilbert High School in room 237 from 9-noon. Use door 4. Call 218-749-8926 for more information.

NYC 2019: Space is still available for students and adults on the E-G Drama Guild's Broadway and the Arts tour of New York City. Visit the tour website Broadway and the Arts or see Mr. Gritzmacher to learn more.

ALL STUDENTS: Your lockers must be cleaned out before you leave on Thursday, May 31. This includes your gym locker. Remember, you are keeping your lock, charger and cable. If you borrowed a lock for gym, this must be turned in.

ALA CARTE: Today’s Ala Carte Menu is Stuffed Crust Pizza, Smokey BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Boscos, and a Club Sub.

Contact: Laura Tassoni