Eveleth-Gilbert Senior High Bulletin
Monday, April 27, 2020

SENIORS: It is very important that you check your school email account often. This is how we will be communicating with you regarding the rest of the year.


SOPHOMORES AND JUNIORS: Next year's college credit classes (CEP and PSEO) eligibility will be based on GPA. Juniors must have a 3.0 GPA to take any and all college level courses. Seniors must have either a 2.5+ GPA and eligible test scores, 2.6+ GPA for any college class except upper level math, 2.8+ GPA and C- or better in Algebra 2 for upper level math. Additionally, if you are considering PSEO, you must notify the school by May 29th, 2020. After that day, you will not have the opportunity to go PSEO for the 2020/2021 school year.


JUNIORS: The ACT has granted our school the ability to offer the ACT with writing on June 2nd. If you want your child to participate in this free opportunity you MUST email or call Mr. Pillsbury ( - 218-744-7708). We understand that again there is a chance this gets cancelled, but we will hope it doesn't! It is still suggested that students who anticipate needing an ACT score also register for the national test date on June 13th (this one is not free).


SENIORS: You (and your parent/guardian) were sent an email regarding the group of parents who want to put your graduation photo on a banner that will be displayed on the main streets of Eveleth and Gilbert. You must respond immediately (by Monday, April 27th) if you would like to participate. Please read the letter carefully.


Contact: Laura Tassoni