Eveleth-Gilbert Senior High Bulletin

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

ALL STUDENTS: Next to the office, there is a bulletin board displaying small items that have been lost and found. Some of these items include rings, chargers, a flash drive, an earring, a necklace, etc. Some of the items must be described to claim. Please take a moment to look at this.

JUNIORS: You will be taking the ASVAB test on Wednesday, December 4th starting first hour in the auditorium. More information is available in your email or see Mr. Pillsbury.

ALL STUDENTS: YIA is hosting their annual Food Drive from November 11th through the 22nd. Please bring in non-perishable and canned food items to your designated teacher (freshmen-Mr. Chad, sophomores-Mrs. Walls, juniors-Mr. Burritt and seniors-Ms. Krebs). The grade with the most food items will receive a prize! Freshmen will get a day to eat in the commons area. Sophomores will get ice cream sandwiches and juniors/seniors will get a day of the parking lot to themselves. Have fun and good luck!

GIRLS HOCKEY TEAM: Is looking for a team manager. Stop by the office for details!

CONGRATULATIONS! Best wishes to Amara Carey, Carly George, Mollie Albrecht and Elli Jankila for qualifying for the state swimming tournament! Just keep swimming!

SENIORS: You NEED to check your email and vote on the Hall of Fame and send it to Mrs. Walls IMMEDIATELY!

ALA CARTE: Today’s Ala Carte Menu is Corndogs, Cheeseburger Basket, Chef Salad, Italian Sub and a Spicy Turkey Wrap.

Contact: Laura Tassoni