Eveleth-Gilbert Junior High and Nelle Shean Daily Bulletin for Friday, September 06, 2019

Reminder to Nelle Shean Students: When arriving at school in the morning, you are to go directly to the playground or breakfast. You are not to go to your locker or hang around in the building. On rainy days you will be going directly to the gym.

Book Covers: If you need a brown paper bag for a book cover, please stop in the office for one.

Elementary Knowledge Bowl: Think you have knowledge? Think you have the smarts? Elementary Knowledge Bowl sign up is across from Mr. Thompson's room. Sign up and take the test next week to see if you qualify. Any questions, see Mr. Thompson.

Reminder to Students: Paperwork that was sent home to be completed by your parents needs to be returned to your teacher or advisor by Wednesday, September 11th. If you need another set of paperwork, stop in the office.


Contact: Debbie Wiirre