New and exciting things are happening at Eveleth-Gilbert Public Schools!

Welcome back to a new school year! I hope everyone had a great summer and is ready to start school again. I would like to welcome parents, staff and our nearly 1,000 students and tell you we at Eveleth-Gilbert Schools are excited to see everyone back!
   Students will start school on September 5th, information about classes, teachers, and transportation will be in your mailboxes soon. If you have not yet registered your child, secretaries at all three schools are available from 7:30-3:30 to help you out. If you have any questions about transportation, Mike Hoag, District Transportation Director, can be reached at 218-744-7748. If your child is open enrolled, Mike will work to find the best solution for getting him/her to school.

   Early Childhood classes are open for registration. We will again offer an all-day every-day 4-year old program, and
provide transportation to and from school. There are other options within that structure such as half days or every other day if parents desire less time. We also offer a robust 3-year-old program as well as Early Childhood Family Education. For more information or to register, call the Gilbert Campus at 744-2211, X5001, or email
   This school year brings a lot of exciting changes. Most notably is the Early-Outs on Wednesdays. Every Wednesday, students will be released one hour early: Franklin at 1:50, Gilbert Campus 1:46, and the High School at 1:54. This time will be used for Staff Development opportunities for thedistrict’s teachers and staff in order to improve our whole educational system. Teaching staff will have the opportunity to learn new techniques for utilizing technology, as well as time for collaborating to ensure that everyone is using best practices.
   The other major change is our iPad initiative. Over the past few years, we have been building up our network to be able to accommodate the growing needs of mobile technology. Through the efforts of numerous grants, we have been able to build a reliable network that will serve our students’ needs very well.
   The School Board voted this summer to upgrade the district’s current fleet of iPads for all students. Every elementary student will have an iPad which will stay in the classroom where they will be utilized. Students in Grades 7-12 will again be able to bring their iPad home. One of the major focuses of the Wednesday staff development days will be to train staff to use the iPads effectively in a classroom setting in order to enhance each student’s educational experience. As the weeks go by, students and staff will be getting more involved with the iPads.
   The decision for Early Out Wednesdays was one that the School Board did not take lightly, as they realize that early
releases could potentially cause hardships for some families. In the end, this decision was made because of the value of providing learning opportunities for staff. If early-outs cause a problem for any of our families, we do have Bear Care available for students in grade Pre-K through 4 at the Franklin every day after school. Please call the Franklin Office for more

   As most of you are aware, the district uses PowerSchool as its student management system. We have been working hard the past year to utilize more features such as online payments,behavior management, and elementary grades. This year, most school forms and communications will go through PowerSchool as well. As such, we are going to be urging as many parents as possible to sign up and utilize this valuable resource.
   Our continuous improvement efforts are critical to our
students and staff members, and ensure that the high quality of our schools is maintained. We work hard to guarantee that our students have the knowledge and skills they will need for future success, which benefits our community, as well as the students themselves.

   On behalf of our District, please accept my thanks for your support of our schools and our students and, on a personal level, for the opportunity to lead and work with you as your superintendent.



Contact: Jeff Carey