Welcome to Eveleth-Gilbert Athletics!

Whether you are a student, parent, coach, or fan, we hope to meet your needs and help promote Golden Bear athletics and our fine student athletes.  We believe that athletics is one of the best ways for our students to get to know each other, learn to get along, develop a sense of teamwork, and discover their talents in a healthy, caring environment.

The lessons learned in athletics are lessons that will be important throughout a lifetime.  We strive to give every one of our student athletes a chance to improve themselves and be part of an effort larger than themselves.  At the earlier ages we focus on participation, while our varsity teams pride themselves on being competitive, year in and year out.  We want to be the best we can be and "get to the top" through hard work, perseverance and determination.  At the same time we need to remember to have fun, enjoy the moment, and treat our teammates and competitors with sportsmanship and respect.

A successful student athlete should be able to look back at his or her high school career and smile at the rich memories they have and the life-long friends that they made.

Contact: JoJo Scott