National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs play a critical role in ensuring that Minnesota’s children have access to the nutritious food they need to learn and succeed in the classroom. 

The following credit policy has been established to satisfy requirements set by the Food and Nutrition Section of the Minnesota Department of Education.
The purchase of school meals is set up on a prepaid basis.  Families are required to have funds deposited into school meal accounts in order for students to purchase meals.

Even with care and good faith efforts, from time to time families run into situations where their children do not have the required funds in their school meals account.  Students can not engage in the learning process when they are hungry, so the following procedures have been established:

A reminder is sent to parents requesting a payment when student accounts do not have adequate funds.

A second request for payment is sent if parents have not responded to the first request.

The Food and Nutrition staff will contact the Building Principal if no response is received. The Principal will contact the parent/guardian to determine an appropriate solution.

The Minnesota Department of Education requires school districts to develop Standard Operating Procedures for their School Food Service Department. While the Department of Education encourages school meal participation, they do not require school districts to provide meals to students of full-paid families who do not pay for their meals.

The Eveleth-Gilbert Schools strives to ensure that nutritious meals are available to all students, but must insist that a student’s prepaid meal account be kept up to date, in order to avoid passing on debt to other paying families.

A new procedure has been established as a safety net for students who do not have sufficient funds in their school meal accounts, or who have a deficit of -$15 or greater. Although students will not be allowed to charge items from the printed school meal menu, they may charge a bag lunch to their prepaid school meal account. The bag lunch consists of: Deli sandwich on whole grain bread, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and low fat milk. 

Note:  Only one Free & Reduced Meal Application is required per family.  Both pages of this application must be returned.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


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