Bear Necessities School Store

The school store is an actual business that is located in the commons.  It is open in the morning and during lunch for students and staff to come grab a quick meal, snack, or something to drink.  In addition students that work in the school store are also in charge of the school district clothing line.


Advisor Name and Contact Information:

Mrs. Betzolt

Business Education High School Room 232

Walk in before or after school.

Email is preferred –


When does it run?

It runs the entire length of the year.  Any interested participants must be signed up by the third week of September.


Where does it meet and when would I have to be there?

School Store participants must go through work training to be able to work in the school store.  They will be given a work schedule where they may work anywhere between 1-4 times a week during a morning or lunch shift.  They will serve food and concessions out of the store to their peers.  Apart from working in the store itself there are other opportunities for working in different departments that support the School Store.


Morning Shift: 7:40-8:15am

Lunch Shift: 11:35-12:15pm


When and where does it meet?

Periodic meetings will take place in Mrs. Betzolt’s room before school or during lunch and the students work in the School Store during the day.


How do I sign up?

At the beginning of the year there will be a meeting for students interested in participating in the Bear Necessities Store.  Listen to announcements for meeting times. 


What else should I know?

You have to be in grades 10-12 and must be able to participate for the entire year and be able to be placed on the work schedule to work in the school store.  Ninth graders will be assessed on an individual basis.

Contact: Melissa Betzolt