Knowledge Bowl

Knowledge Bowl is a team activity (you never compete alone) for grades 5-12.  It is similar to playing Trivial Pursuit, Jeopardy or any game of knowledge, except that you get to work as a group.  There are approximately 900 teams in the state of Minnesota at the varsity level alone!  Whereas the meets are all in Mt. Iron, there are schools from all over the northern part of the state that we compete against so you can meet lots of kids from other schools!
Advisor/Coach Name and Contact Information:
Coach Donna Walls can be reached by email at dwalls@egschools.org, at school by telephone #218-744-2211, Ext. 1221, or at school in room 221 from 7:15-4:00.
When does it run?
The Junior Varsity Knowledge Bowl team gets up and running within the first week of school.  Ninth and tenth grade students are eligible to compete at this level; however, varsity players are encouraged to practice all year!  Varsity allows grades 9-12 to compete and begins when the JV teams are done around the end of November. Varsity meets run through early April.   
Where does it meet and when would I have to be there?
Knowledge bowl practice is held during the lunch period in Mrs. Walls’ room #221.  Generally, we bring our lunches and someone reads question while the rest of us eat and buzz in with answers.  You would be expected to be at practice 2-3 times a week--days of your own choosing.  
When and where does it meet?
Knowledge bowl meets are all held at the Northeast Service Cooperative in Mt. Iron (behind the elementary school on Highway 169).  We have only 3 meets per season and one region contest that you must qualify for throughout that season.  The meets are during the school day so they do not interfere with other after-school activities.
How do I sign up?
A sign-up sheet is in Mrs. Walls’ room at the back tables.  The cost for a knowledge bowl season is $35.00, unless you are on free/reduced lunch then it is $17.50 or free.
What else should I know?
This is an extremely fun activity!  You compete in teams of 4-5 kids against 2 other teams in a room with a reader.  It is like playing Jeopardy in a group.  After you buzz in, you get 15 seconds as a team to come up with the answer!  After we are done competing, we usually take turns going out to lunch downtown Virginia (China Buffet, Jues, Subway) or over to the mall area.  We get back before the end of the day so that you can get to other activities.  

Contact: Donna Walls