Golden Bear Book Club

The Golden Bears Book Club is a group of individuals interested in exploring the vast, amazing, and ever changing world of books. We fight monsters, start bands, and once we even tried to kill Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of OZ because she totally lost it.  Bring your love of reading to our group; or come and discover your love of reading with our group.  It will change your life!!
Advisor/Coach Name and Contact Information:
Todd Ufford  email:
When does it run?
The book club will meet every two weeks on Wednesday morning all year long.  Read the books that interest you and discuss them with the group. 
Where does it meet and when would I have to be there?
We will meet every other Wednesday at 7:30 am in Mr. Ufford’s classroom, Room 147 in the science wing.  Listen to the bulletin for the date of the first meeting.  Also the white board outside of Mr.Ufford’s room will have information on the current book and meeting times
How do I sign up?
Listen to the bulletin for the time of the first meeting, we will have sign up then and pick our first book of the year.
What else should I know?
When we meet in the morning we have a light pot luck breakfast of fruit, roles, pastries, juice, and whatever else people want to contribute.

Contact: Todd Ufford