Iron Range Youth In Action

IRYA is a student-lead organization dedicated to serving the communities of the Iron Range and improving the lives of all the residents of the Iron Range.
Advisor/Coach Name and Contact Information:
Mrs. Forsman

When does it run?
All year long – yes, even activities in the summer!
Where does it meet and when would I have to be there?
We meet in Mrs. Forsman’s office during lunch.
When and where does it meet?
There are many volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  A small sampling is:
  1.  Field of Screams – Oct.
  2. Food Drive – Nov.
  3. Make A Difference Conference – Feb.
  4. Home and Boat Show – Mar.
  5. Many, many, many, many others!
  6. Summer Service Project in some exotic location (Chicago, New Orleans, etc)
How do I sign up?
See that sheet of paper on the table labeled “Member Enrollment Form”?  Yeah, fill one of those out!
What else should I know?
IRYA is a great way to meet new people, make new friends, serve your community, and have experiences you otherwise wouldn’t.  Why wouldn’t you join?!  

Contact: Jessica Forsman