VinE brings communities and schools together by assisting students in grades K-8 to help them succeed.
Advisor/Coach Name and Contact Information:
Ann Voss—E-G VinE Coordinator      avoss@egschools.org   or 218-290-2167
When does it run?
Throughout the school year, students may volunteer during their study hall times to assist at the Franklin or after school at the Jr. High for Homework Help.
Where does it meet and when would I have to be there?
Students volunteer during their study hall times or after school. (Students should be making satisfactory progress in their coursework to be excused from their study halls for volunteering. )
When and where does it meet?
Students volunteer at the Franklin/ Nelle Shean/ or Jr. High (study hall times or after school) at times requested by teachers for assistance.
How do I sign up?
Contact Ann Voss at her school e-mail  (see above) or call/text 218-290-2167 to sign up and arrange a time to meet.
What else should I know?
Volunteering to work with students is a great way to provide service in your schools and community and help our youth to develop self-confidence and succeed in their classes.  Teachers and students appreciate the assistance our high school students are willing to offer. 

Contact: Ann Voss