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E-G Employee Recognition

On Friday, June 1 the administration recognized retirees and employees for five year milestones in service.
Retirees that were honored:  Linda Erickson with 14 years of service and Gary Milbrandt with five years of service.
Employees with five years of service:  Amanda Brunfelt, Jeff Carey, Kaylee Hennen, Lori Perushek, Jane Sakrison-Chilcote, Melissa Schroeder, and Justine Slygh.
Employees with fifteen years of service:  Joe Sorcan
Employees with twenty years of service:  Nancy Nettleton, Deb Zasadni
Employees with 25 years of service:  Cindy Lindfors
Employees with 30 years of service:  Cathy Larson, Rich Marolt