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Congratulations to all the students on the Gilbert Campus who were able to "Make the Cut!" so far.  Who will be next?

Introducing “Making the Cut” at the Gilbert Campus!
   What is it?  Making the Cut is a fun way to recognize students who possess strong values, are well-mannered, and help create a climate of kindness and compassion toward other.  This is based upon the “6 Pillars of Character” which is posted around the school:   Trustworthiness, Respect, Caring, Fairness, Responsibility, and Citizenship.
   Who makes the cut?  Students can be nominated from teachers or staff.  It is up to the teachers to share their
observations and decide who to choose as the winner.
   How often are students chosen?  Students are chosen on a bi-weekly basis based upon grade level.  Fifth and sixth grade students are chosen the first week and seventh and eight graders are chosen the next week.  The  ceremonies take place during the students’ lunch hour on Thursdays.
   What do they cut?  Principal Griepentrog wears a ceremonial tie that students will get to cut.  The winning students sign their name to the piece of tie they cut off and it is put on display in the trophy caselocated in the Gilbert Campus lobby for all to see!
   What is the reward for being chosen?  Winning students will receive a
certificate and a positive phone call home from the principal to start.  They will be given a coupon for homework exemption, a free cookie at the lunch cart, a pack of gum, their tie and name displayed in the trophy case, the right to go to the front of the lunch line and be dismissed early at the end of the day.  These perks remain in effect until another student is chosen.
   Why is this important?  Too often some of our students go unnoticed or do not get recognized for the positive choices they make on a daily basis.  Staff at the Gilbert Campus feel it is important to give some focus to these students who make our school and classrooms something   wonderful!

   Be sure to check out the Gilbert Campus Facebook page for future announcements about the winners!