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This afternoon, our Governor Tim Walz signed an executive order for Minnesotans to shelter in place from Friday March 27th to April 10th.  He also ordered all Minnesota schools to remain closed until May 4th.

Since the first closure last week, we have been working hard to prepare for the possibility of having to deliver distance education.  With the Governors order, we will need to put that plan in action starting on Monday March 30th.  

You will be getting a detailed letter tomorrow about what the plan is and how it will work.  Students who attend the Franklin will have our maintenance staff delivering their iPads and any other educational materials.  Grades 5-12 should have brought theirs home last week. If your student did not bring home their iPad, please call the school office tomorrow. 

These are very strange times, but if we work together, I believe we can make this work.  Please understand that everything is not going to be perfect on the first day. We will work through the bugs and continue to deliver the best education we can to each student.

Thank you all for your patience, I have no doubt it is stressful for all of you as well.

Jeff Carey

EG Superintendent 

Author: Denise Berry   E-Mail: dberry1@egschools.org