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Important Influenza Information From Our Licensed School Nurse.
The flu season is in full-swing in Northern Minnesota and the district is making every effort to help lower the spread of influenza in our schools.  The Eveleth-Gilbert School District has a policy in place regarding flu-like symptoms and when parents/guardians must keep their child at home if they are exhibiting symptoms of influenza.  Please review this detailed information sheet regarding here.

If your student has flu-like symptoms, they must stay at home until they are FEVER FREE FOR 24 HOURS WITHOUT THE USE OF FEVER REDUCING MEDICATIONS.  For many people, it takes five to seven days before they meet that standard.

If your student is sent home with flu-like symptoms and he/she comes to school the following day, the teacher will send the student to the Health Office and the parent/guardian will be called to come and pick the student up, whether or not they have a fever, due to the fact that the student has not been fever free for 24 hours.

Eveleth-Gilbert Schools appreciates your understanding and cooperation in helping keep our student body as healthy as possible!

Please contact Brianna Holland, RN, Licensed School Nurse at 218-744-7711 or with any questions or concerns you may have.
Author: Denise Berry   E-Mail: dberry@egschools.org